ReadaFun Provides
PTOs and PTAs with a Platform to Run a

Read-A-Thon Fundraiser

A Read-A-Thon is a school fundraiser in which students raise money from sponsors by reading books.

PTO and PTA leaders need fundraisers that are profitable, require a minimal time commitment, and leave their community feeling good.

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Set Up The Read-A-Thon According To Your Custom Needs

You Choose Your Dates, Fundraising Goals, Incentive Structure, And More

Students Start Reading And Inviting Sponsors

Each Student Has A Secure Account To Log Their Reading, Invite Sponsors, And Earn Fun Owl Rewards.

Engage Your School And Community

Create Custom Reading Competitions, Involve Teachers, And Provide Families And Sponsors With A Meaningful Way To Engage.

Receive 80% Of Funds

As Donations Come In, They Get Directly Deposited Into Your Account. You Get Access To Research-Backed Tools To Increase Participation And Donation Rates.

Set Up The Read-A-Thon According To Your Custom Needs

You choose your dates, fundraising goals, incentive structure, and more

Students Start Reading And Inviting Sponsors

Each student has a secure account to log their reading, invite sponsors, and earn fun owl rewards.

Engage Your School And Community

Create custom reading competitions, involve teachers, and provide families and sponsors with a meaningful way to engage.

Receive 80% Of Funds

As donations come in, they get directly deposited into your account. You get access to research-backed tools to increase participation and donation rates.

Problems of most school fundraisers:

How ReadaFun's solution is different:


They are not always profitable and the
vendor takes a giant cut


They require countless hours of volunteer time


Students, teachers, and donors get frustrated


It’s extremely profitable: Schools keep 80% of donations and can raise 35%+ more than other types of fundraisers


It saves time and energy: Parent leaders save 75% of volunteer hours


It’s beloved: more than 1 million students love reading more

Problems of most school fundraisers:

How ReadaFun's solution is different:

Raise 35% more, save 75% of volunteer time, and engage your students and your community 100% more.

Be a superhero at your School

This Year With Readafun

When teachers are engaged in fundraisers, schools raise, on average, 37% more. When students are also engaged, your fundraising abilities skyrocket. Watch these two videos to learn about why teachers and students love ReadaFun.

ReadaFun’s Read-A-Thon

Student Video

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Teacher Video

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More than $10 Million


Over 1 Million

students engaged

You Keep


Save 75%

more time

Raise 35%


Only 1

volunteer is needed




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readathon school fundraiser

Our Secret Sauce?

Student Engagement.

When students are engaged, schools raise more. No other fundraiser speaks so well to today’s students:

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