Here is Why ReadaFun is the Best Platform for School Fundraising

So…why ReadaFun?

There are many ways to fundraise for your school and plenty of eager companies to help you. What makes ReadaFun different?

The Power of Student Engagement in School Fundraising

Students are at the heart and soul of any school fundraiser. When they are engaged, you raise more money and provide your community with an experience they will talk about for months to come. The ReadaFun experience is designed specifically for Gen Z and Gen Alpha students who love gamification, social experiences, and the freedom to read their favorite books. 1 Million+ students can testify to this.

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Profitable and Easy

You deserve more than generic-cookie cutter fundraising tools. ReadaFun provides you with the best-in-class research-backed fundraising tools to boost participation and money raised. ReadaFun’s advanced tools allow parent groups to amplify their efforts so that even one volunteer can raise tens of thousands of dollars, with minimal time invested.

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Online First Experience

It’s hard to predict what the next month, let alone the next 12 months will look like at your school. ReadaFun has been running online Read-A-Thons since 2013. Online fundraising is in our DNA. It’s not an afterthought. You can rely on our expertise here.
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Actually Educational

Fundraisers raise 37% more when teachers are involved. ReadaFun is designed to make teachers want to be involved even if it is optional for them. Teachers love ReadaFun so much they often ask to keep using it after the fundraiser ends. Support education with education and get the added fundraising boost when teachers are enthusiastically supporting the cause.

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