School fundraising, where everyone wins

An online Read-A-Thon school fundraiser that raises more funds, requires only one volunteer and creates memories for your entire community.

Step 1: Set up the Read-A-Thon according to your custom needs

You choose your dates, fundraising goals, incentive structure, and more

Step 2: Students start reading and inviting sponsors

Each student has a secure account to log their reading, invite sponsors, and earn fun Owl rewards.

Step 3: Engage your school and community

Create custom reading competitions, involve teachers, and provide families and sponsors with a meaningful way to engage.

Step 4: Receive 80% of funds

As donations come in, they get directly deposited into your account. You get access to research-backed tools to increase participation and donation rates.

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Video Testimonials

Jen Rasmussen

PTO President at Edison Elementary
Burbank, CA

Kate Gardullo

PTO President, Pell Elementary School
Newport, Rhode Island

A School Fundraiser where everybody wins!

Formerly known as Whooo’s Reading’s Read-A-Thon, we've partnered with PTAs/PTOs nationwide since 2012 to fundraise and engage readers.