Readafun's Online Read-A-Thon

Formerly known as Whooo’s Reading’s Read-A-Thon, we've partnered with PTAs/PTOs nationwide since 2012 to fundraise and engage readers.

Children Read Books...

Children read whatever they're interested in during your Read-A-Thon: biographies, picture books, fairy tales, etc.

...And Log Them Online

Children keep track of everything they read during the fundraiser on their secure and fun online reading profiles.

Families Invite Sponsors

Parents reach out to family and friends through email and Facebook messages to sponsor their children in the fundraiser.

Your School Keeps 80%

Sponsors can donate online or with cash or check. Readafun collects all pledges for you, and you keep 80%.

School Spotlight:
Sabal Point Elementary in Orlando, FL raised $22,800 in 17 days.

"I have had so many parents come up to me and tell me how L2E got their kids excited about reading. The money is fantastic but knowing that really makes it all worthwhile!"
-Julie M, Sabal Point PTA Coordinator

Educators, parents,
and students love

Kathy Brandenberg


"We did a fundraiser with [Readafun] last year and it was very successful. One of the absolute best aspects of this program is that the company spends a great deal of time on each school, and only takes 20% of the proceeds."

Christine W.


"The kids LOVE the Readafun fundraiser! Great job!!! Jacob has never read so much in his little life!"

Amy T.


"Amazing! My students love it!! Called their office and their customer service was phenomenal!!! They helped solve my issue within about 20 minutes. Thank you!!!"

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Is Readafun safe?
Yes! Student pages are only visible to parent-approved sponsors.

Do teachers have to participate?
Nope. Teacher participation is completely optional.

How do we get the money?
Instantly. We link to your bank account and deposit money as it comes in.

Are there paper materials?
Yes! We provide paper logs and sponsorship forms you can print for students without access.

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