The school structure is not completed without parent-teacher organization; PTO fundraiser are a group/organization that leads the fundraising for the welfare of the school. PTO fundraising can be difficult thus to make it easy and fun, here are 8 PTO fundraising ideas.

To deal with the expenses of providing a high standard of facilities and opportunities to its students, every school is seeking support from PTOs for raising funds. PTO fundraising is a difficult task but it is massive support for the schools in terms of monetary help. PTOs can be a great success with some fun if planned accordingly.


Why You Need PTO Fundraising Ideas

PTOs have developed into fundraising powerhouses, generating year-round income and zeal for schools of all sizes. The most effective PTOs hold numerous fundraising events each year. A successful PTO can help to moderate the school and provide great opportunities to the students. In the past recent years, the PTO fundraiser organized many successful fundraising events.

We’ve compiled the best fund-raising suggestions from popular school clubs across the nation to keep your PTO buzzing. Your parents, teachers, students, and volunteers will be ready to rock this school year with the help of these suggestions.


Here Are The Most Effective PTO Fundraising Ideas


Drive-In Movie Night

Twist the fundraiser into a fun event where everyone can enjoy and spend a great time while raising funds. Turn your school parking lot or ground into an open movie theater. Set up a projector and speakers in the area where people can park their vehicles and enjoy movies under the beautiful night sky.

Ask volunteers to bring old couches, set up food stalls, and plan a mini-carnival. All of these activities can add high profit to the funds. Ask people to pay for the food, drink, and play games. This one doesn’t require much money initially, and even with careful preparation, it can bring in a sizable profit. Additionally, you’ll provide your students, the neighborhood, and families with a fun-filled evening to remember.



Organizing an auction at school is a great fundraising idea, it can provide a great opportunity for PTO fundraisers to hold a successful fundraising drive. Set up the auction at the school hall, and place a table to display the auction items. You can use students’ art to sell at auction rather than that volunteers can bring their stull that can be sold at auctions.

Along with that, you can contact nearby stores to sell their sample products or items at the auction for donations. Advertise your auction over social media, make flyers and distribute them among the neighborhood, and contact local newspapers and radio stations for advertising.



Raffles is a super exciting and charming event, it may be a small event than fundraising but it has always proven to be successful and fun. Sell raffle tickets the week before your game night, community supper, or standalone raffle night by asking for wonderful in-kind donations from nearby businesses to use as prizes.

Raffle nights may be very successful fundraising activities for PTO fundraisers of all sizes, depending on the prizes you provide! If you’re running a shoe drive as well, you might want to think about giving away free raffle tickets in exchange for shoe donations.


Theme Bake Sales

Organize fun and full-proof fundraiser, one that is tried and trusted idea for PTO fundraisers such as theme bake sales. It is one of the most loved PTO fundraising ideas. Students and adults participate together and set up their stalls where they create some delicious and delightful things in the kitchen.

You can put the themes such as “All chocolate bake sale” or “All cookies bake sale”. It might not give you super profit but it is surely one of the amazing and fun activities to raise funds for the welfare of the school.


Fall Festival

Fall festivals are a particularly efficient way for schools to collect money while including senior students. They always guarantee a good time and provide you plenty of chances to earn a little extra dollars by selling branded goods and perks like popcorn, candy, and other yummy goodies.

They focus on developing an entertaining way to raise money, even a small sum, during school hours and without cutting out the children themselves. Recruit a number of volunteers to assist with the event’s planning and administration. The aim is to have lots of booths and events to draw in locals who are interested in getting into the holiday spirit.

You can have as many different booths as you like.  Consider setting up a petting zoo stall if someone in your PTO owns sheep, goats, bunnies, or other farm animals. No matter what activities you provide, visitors will be eager to purchase tickets so they may take advantage of each special activity booth and fully enjoy your fall festival.


Matching Donor Gift

PTO fundraiser want to have great success in the fundraising drive sometimes, so for that, they use the most trusted way of matching donor gifts.

Many companies have matching gift programs that enable them to help their workers and communities by matching the charitable contributions made by their employees. However, a lot of businesses provide matching gifts for schools, so you don’t have to be a nonprofit to obtain them.

This is a low-cost fundraising option because your PTO can easily multiply your donations with the proper sponsors and outside donors. The only thing required is a simple conversation about matching donations with neighboring businesses, parents, or community members.


Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

PTO is now finally focusing on the most popular way of fundraising “Social fundraising”. It is a quite famous way of fundraising but PTO fundraisers weren’t using it, but now they are focusing on it. Peer-to-peer fall under this category, it is one of the cheapest options.

When it comes to fundraising, peer-based campaigns are ideal for PTOs that wish to “meet potential connections and donors.” A PTO can continuously direct supporters and funders to their campaign and participant sites because peer-to-peer campaigns can run whenever and for any purpose.


Used Book Sale

One of the classic PTO fundraising ideas is “used book sale”. It is a cheap, effective, and interesting method to raise funds. PTO fundraiser can organize a fair where volunteers can sell their used books or they can even swap them with others. It is one great way to promote reading and distribute knowledge. Students can sell books in exchange for money or tickets. This can then be applied to “buy” further books.

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