Looking for school fundraising ideas? Here are the 15 best ideas (aside from Read-A-Thons)

Maybe you are a teacher or a parent-teacher association member getting shivers thinking about school fundraiser projects. Don’t worry; you are on the right page!

Schools are suffering from budget cuts in recent years, which can drastically impair skill-development projects. A school fundraiser drive can help a school hire excellent teachers and retain them. More funds mean schools can reduce class sizes, offer high-quality education, and many extra-curricular activities, which are vital elements for the development of students. The basic challenge of raising funds for schools is the diversity of donors, a group consisting of parents and community leaders across many demographics. Luckily, we have chalked out a list of 15 school fundraising ideas to make your fundraising project a great success – aside from Read-A-Thons, of course! Let’s dive in!

Here are 15 School Fundraising Ideas

  1. Walk-a-thon 

Create student teams and have them pledge to walk a certain distance or number of steps every day, for a fixed time frame, against the sponsorship.

  1. Sponsor a playground tile

This can be ideal when you need to raise a high amount for school construction projects. You can offer local companies to sponsor the playground title against donations. It could be a great drive for big projects.

  1. Off-the-screen challenge

All parents want their children to stay away from gadgets, so why not turn it into a competition? This challenge could be a fantastic fundraiser.  Declare prizes for being off the screen. Students can donate this to the school.

  1. Create a school book

Build up an idea, a recipe, or a storyline and ask students to do illustrations for the same. Compile and print it into a book and sell at a reasonable price. Everyone will buy it for its sentimental value.

  1. Organize a service day

Ideal for high school. You can approach local organizations to hire students to do jobs against donations to the school. It could be anything from lawn mowing, walking dogs, or anything else. It also increases the visibility of the school.

  1. A cook-off or a bake-off competition

Combines tasty foods with fun and competition and is a perfect fundraising project for schools. It may be for cookies, cakes, muffins, etc. Ask students to pay an entry fee for raising funds.

  1. Organize a scratch card campaign

Scratch card fundraising is fun and helps to reach the collection goal fast. Asks student volunteers to approach their family and others in the community with scratch cards. When one scratches a card an amount becomes visible and they donate that amount. It could be from a few cents to a few dollars.

  1. Sell school merchandise 

Every school has a mascot, color, t-shirt, and so on for identification. Ask students and teachers to approach the community to sell school merchandise at reasonable prices. You can do it from your school store or online.

  1. Organize at-school events

These can include anything from music, games, sports; etc., whatever matches the spirit and identity of the school. Fix an entry fee and have on-site kiosks for selling school merchandise.

  1. Host a raffle

raffles are a unique way to engage students, teachers, and parents to engage in fundraising activities. Sell tickets for the raffle and declare a fun prize! Also, make sure to promote the campaign for making it a grand success.

  1. Movie night in the school

This fundraising idea is perfect for elementary and middle schools and colleges involving the student and their families. For this, you have to organize age-appropriate movies. Have this in the school hall for a nominal entry fee for students and special rates for their families.

  1. Recycling drive

Ask students to collect and bring old things like cartridges or mobile phones to the school. Not only are the proceeds donated to the school fund, but it also teaches students to be responsible citizens.

  1. Hold a quiz night

Holding a quiz night is a great way to raise funds for the school. Prepare a list of questions based on a particular theme and ask students to take part as a team. While the winning team gets the trophy the entry fee can go to the school fund.

  1. Hold a fashion show

Organizing a fashion show can be a good fundraising drive. Encourage local dressmakers to provide clothing as part of their advertisement. Sell tickets to raise funds.

  1. Teacher concert

Organize a teacher concert for raising funds for the school. Teachers can give individual or group performances. Sell tickets.


School fundraising is not easy, due to parents finding themselves juggling endless responsibilities. So, choose the ideas that fit the spirit of the school and implement them without overwhelming the students or their parents. While most are in-person projects, do not forget to include online school fundraising drives. These can be a source of regular income with the right optimization.

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