Do’s & Don’ts For Online School Fundraising

The world has shifted from offline to online. Today we are buying every good and service online. The traditional way is not that popular or successful in today’s time. Thus along with that, it’s high time for our school PTA to adapt to the change and shift to online school fundraising.

After covid-19 almost every sector is facing financial issues and so it affected the schools also. Many schools depend on fundraising to grow and provide better education to their students. Before covid schools use to organize some fun events to raise funds for their schools and they proved to be a huge success. But not anymore, fundraising has also become an event that is done online and results in a huge success.

Online School Fundraising is something different as you can raise funds for your school while sitting far away from your school. It can be fun and can help your school to grow. People have the misconception that online fundraising can’t be fun or it can be done in just 1 or 2 ways. There are plenty of ideas for online school fundraising.

If online fundraising is planned wisely that it can prove to be a great success. Some people believe that school fundraising is difficult as it can’t gain much attention or attract people but this is just a myth. Online fundraising can be proved a huge success but all you need is a great idea and planning. Here in this blog, you will read about the “Dos & Don’ts of online school fundraising” along with that you can also read about the ideas for online school fundraising.


Do’s of Online School Fundraising


Build A Team

Everything becomes easy and effective when we work with a team. Make sure that you build a team with others who have the same goal as you. You can ask your friends, family, neighbors, teachers, PTA members, and other members of your school to assist you with the online school fundraising.

The Most important thing in online fundraising is the network; the more members you will have in your team the more it will be promoted. You will need to promote and advertise your fundraiser over social media. Social media is an important part of any successful online fundraiser because you’ll need to advertise and share the event with as many people as possible. Working together will expand your fundraiser’s audience.


Be Clear About Your Fundraising Goal

While organizing an online fundraiser you should be clear about your goal. You should be self-aware that why you are organizing the fundraiser, so you can tell people about it. You will be promoting your event on social media through posts (images/videos/audio) so you need to make the post speak about your goals clearly.

Online fundraisers have their own set of challenges because it is built around technology. To make things less complicated, try to keep your theme as straightforward as possible. Brainstorm with your fundraising team on the best idea to pitch. You can save all your other ideas for later if you don’t have time to work on them right now.


Consider Hybrid Approach

Over time, your fundraiser may change and offer different opportunities. In the event that your in-person fundraising is drastically different from your online efforts, you may want to consider doing both for the best results. For example, if you have a talent show or recital at school, consider doing a live stream from the auditorium and inviting an in-person audience.


Check On The Technology You Are Using Before The Fundraiser Starts

What kind of technology are you planning to use for your online fundraiser? Most online fundraisers use multiple technologies or you can team up with an organization that offers online fundraising services.

For example, Zoom or other video-streaming platforms appear to be the most popular for streaming live video content. Similarly, online payment platforms (PayPal, Amazon Payments, and Espresso) are also important. Email newsletters and social media are additional technologies that could work well for you.

Before launching your fundraiser, appoint a volunteer to test everything. Make sure they check for typos and broken links, review the quality of any videos/audio recordings closely, and check whether or not payments will process as expected on the crowdfunding platform of your choice.


Enjoy The Fundraiser

Make sure to have fun with it. A sense of celebration is important for any online fundraiser. If people can see you’re having a good time, they’ll be more likely to engage with the fundraiser. The students will have a better time and will probably want to participate in future fundraisers too!


Don’ts of Online School Fundraising


Don’t Plan Everything By Yourself

You may be tempted to plan a fundraiser by yourself because you can have complete control over it. However, this means you’ll have to do all the work and there’s nobody to brainstorm ideas, help promote the event or solve problems when they come up. It’s unlikely you would organize an in-person fundraiser by yourself, so don’t make the same decision online.


Don’t Put The Workload On A Single Person

Planning a school fundraising online event? Don’t underestimate how much time and effort goes into it. Treat the fundraiser as if you were planning for a live event, and delegate accordingly. Talk to your team about how many hours each person can devote to the fundraising campaign, then divide up the work according to this. To avoid getting overwhelmed, be realistic about your own capabilities and don’t take on too much.


Don’t Be Rigid With Your Plan

If we set up a plan today, or tomorrow it might need to be tweaked or redesigned. Have a contingency plan in case volunteers get sick or are otherwise prevented from helping out, the internet goes out, or other problems arise at the last minute. It’s especially important if your fundraiser is going to have any in-person components. If illness or other obstacles prevent you from hosting these portions of the event, ensure that you can pivot so that 100% of it is online.


Don’t Say No To Feedback

It’s important to stay engaged with your team and the members of your school’s community. What kind of feedback are they giving to your fundraiser? Watch what people are saying on social media, and make sure you read all email replies. You may find out that your live stream event is difficult for parents or other members of the community. Make adjustments if you can so everyone has an opportunity to participate in fundraising efforts!


Don’t Get Discouraged

The best way to fight off disaster is to remain positive when problems arise. No matter how well you plan, it won’t always work out the way you had planned. But with perseverance, a positive attitude, and teamwork, you can still turn even your online fundraising “disaster” into something productive for your school.