Fundraising Ideas Where Kids Can Also Volunteer!

Schools should value fundraising and understand how important it is. School fundraising can help the school to raise money that can be used to provide excellent academics to its students. They can also use the funds for the school’s better infrastructure or different wellness programs for students.

There are many fundraising ideas for schools available on the Internet; from there you can seek help.

Schools should organize fundraising events in such a way that kids can also contribute to the event. This will lead to new learning in kids and they can have fun while raising funds. Helping their school will give them a feeling of joy. PTA fundraisers should focus on organizing events in which kids can take part actively and enjoy it.

Fundraising can help your school to add many more activities in your school. Maybe your school can offer daycare, start after-school clubs, add some exciting extra-curricular activities, or add educational programs. Fundraising has several advantages. It gave chance students to learn important skills such as confidence and leadership.

Students learn cooperation through fundraising because they have to collaborate with one another, their parents, and teachers in order to achieve their overall goal. Additionally, students are taught the value of cooperation, imagination, compassion, and enhancing the environment.

Fundraising should be planned in a way that kids can also volunteer in organizing the event. While deciding on the fundraiser theme/idea PTA should have a discussion with kids about their ideas for the fundraising event. There are many unique and fun ideas for school fundraising in which kids can participate enthusiastically.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned a few ideas which always proved a great success for fundraising and giving chance to kids to volunteer in fundraising and have fun.


Balloon Pop Party

With a balloon raffle fundraiser, you can step up your ordinary raffle fundraiser. Ask local businesses and donors for things, coupons, or vouchers as you get ready for your fundraiser. Take your balloons, and before you fill them with helium, start stuffing them with paper tickets that your fans can use to exchange for the rewards you’ve gathered. When the event is over, sell the balloons and then have everyone pop them simultaneously to discover what they won.


Face Painting

Face painting fundraiser is one of the unique and most loved ideas by kids. Face painting fundraising events can attract many kids who can be volunteers or can get their faces painted. It is a really cool, cheap, and accessible fundraising Idea.


How To Organize

Face paint is a must and foremost thing you will need for the event. There are different types of face paint available at your neighborhood art supply store, prior to buying you should test the face paint to ensure that it is suitable for sensitive skin. This is really important if you plan to paint the faces of young children.

For your fundraiser, you’ll need things like brushes and plates to put the face paint on. Additionally, you’ll need a table for your face painting fundraiser as well as makeup removal wipes in case you mess up.

You can ask kids to volunteer as face painters, who are good in arts can be the volunteer and paint faces. Supporters will pay a fee to get their faces painted. They can get some cool superheroes, animals, stars, or hearts painted on their face. After that they can click some amazing pictures it will be a fun way to raise funds for schools.



A unique type of fundraising event is a dance-a-thon. Similar to other a-thons, participants agree to dance for a specified period of time in exchange for money.

Dance-a-thons are a great method to raise money at school dances and are a huge amount of fun. Donor support is simple to obtain because the money will benefit a school in its upcoming projects.


How It Works

Dancers solicit donations from their peers by asking their family, friends, and coworkers (or their parents’ coworkers) for money. Participants agree to provide a specified number of dancers in exchange.

You can choose the “rules” for a dance-a-thon that work best for your school because they are flexible. Dance-a-thons can be performed at home, as a single continuous event, or broken up into sessions.



Kids can participate in a bike-a-thon to earn money for their school and to encourage young people to lead active healthy lifestyles. The number of bike miles or laps were done on a track that the students collect as pledges.

Because the adults in their lives are keen to promote an active lifestyle, students won’t have any trouble raising money for this event. Parents and loved ones can watch their children ride their bikes as they simply enjoy the wind in their hair and the joy in their hearts.

The best form of freedom for a lot of kids is riding their bikes aggressively and experiencing the exhilaration of speed. The chance to ride their bikes and aid your school will be cherished by your kids.



Want to motivate your kids to be active, offer them an opportunity to develop useful skills, and make money for their school all at once? Organize a swimathon!

Students may accept pledges based on the following criteria:

The total number of laps they swim.

How many various strokes they can perform with success.

Fixed payment for just taking part.

Strong swimming is a very valuable lifelong ability for everybody. With the help of this fundraising concept, your children will be able to improve their swimming abilities while earning money for a worthwhile cause and swimming laps in the school or neighborhood pool.



A jog-a-thon is a simple and well-known sort of a-thon. Except that you can choose the distance, it functions similarly to any running fundraising event, such as a 5K race or marathon.

Since competitors are not required to run a specific distance, it is a little less scary than a traditional race. They are easier to plan for PTAs and PTOs because you don’t need to worry about things like water stations as you would for longer races.


How It works

Jog-a-thons follow the peer-to-peer fundraising approach, just like other types of a-thon fundraisers. Participants sign up for the jog-a-thon and solicit financial support from their friends, family, and workplace (or the coworkers of their parents).

In exchange for the donations, each runner takes part in the jog-a-thon. The actual jog-a-thon has a predetermined route around your school.

There are a few school fundraising ideas that can lead to a successful fundraiser for your school and help to raise a sufficient amount of money. The funds will be beneficial for the students only as the school administration would be able to enhance the academic quality and introduce new projects for students’ better learning and bright future.